Toward Reconstruction of the Mapuche Nation

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Toward Reconstruction of the Mapuche Nation

Raúl Zibechi

Tired of waiting for the slow transfer of lands from the State and the always problematic recognition of their rights, dozens of Mapuche communities have begun to mobilize, a process that the Chilean government has responded to with extreme harshness.

Thousands of Mapuches arrived at midday on Oct. 22 at the Municipal Council in Temuco (capital of the Araucanía, 700 kilometers south of Santiago) to denounce the violence used by police when they shot pellet at children. “After arriving in the center of the city, a group of Mapuche children from the community of Ercilla, opened a sack that contained the remnants of over 200 tear gas canisters, cartridges and police shells,” according to the Azkintuwe newspaper…

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Raúl Zibechi is an international analyst for Brecha of Montevideo, Uruguay, lecturer and researcher on social movements at the Multiversidad Franciscana de América Latina, and adviser to several social groups. He writes the monthly "Zibechi Report" for the Americas Program (

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